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50kW gas Stirling engine generator unit

Product appearance

After years of continuous research and development, the Company has developed 50kW level gas Stirling engine combined heat and power unit product with the core technology of the heat engine (Sterling engine). This high technology product can be used in hotels, hospitals, landfills, large and medium-sized livestock farms, High temperature waste heat as well as other factories and enterprises, providing combined heat and power services.


a、Good adaptability to a variety of fuels: Can burn natural gas, landfill gas, methane and the combustible gases from industrial emissions, such as hydrogen and pyrolysis gas
b、Strong adaptability to unstable biogas: When the methane content of the biogas is fluctuating, the generator can still operate stably
c、Low operation and maintenance costs: The whole generator unit has a simple structure, its components are 40% less than those of the gas combustion engine, and the maintenance is easy; the generator unit basically does not need to replace the machine oil and the operating costs in the service life are low
d、The grid-connecting of the generator unit is simple and reliable: The generator unit uses the asynchronous generator, the transition from starting the generator to grid connected power generation can be realized smoothly. It is not necessary to equip with the special grid-connecting equipment
e、The running vibration and noise of the generator unit are very low: The generator unit adopts the way of sustained combustion, the acting process is smooth, the vibration is small, the noise is low, and the noise one meter away from the boxed generator unit is less than 75dBA
f、Good emission characteristics: Without post-treatment, the emissions of the generator unit can reach the Euro V standard of the emissions of small vehicles
g、Simple operation and high degree of automation: One-button-start and one-button-stop, of the whole process of the operation of the generator is automatically controlled, with remote monitoring function

Main Technical Parameters

Fuel Gas / biogas / landfill gas / hydrogen / pyrolysis gas
Combustion mode Atmospheric combustion
Voltage 400v
Frequency 50Hz
Rated output power of the generator unit 50kW
Maximum output heat power 90kW
The highest temperature of output hot water 55
Maximum total energy efficiency of the generator unit >85%
Exhaust carbon monoxide content <1.5g/kWh
Exhaust nitrogen oxide content <2.0g/kWh
Noise of the generator unit (outside of sound insulation encasing) <75dB(A)(1m处)



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